1. My name is Nina Crosby Walton. I am a junior majoring in Communication Design and minoring in Architecture and Human-Computer Interaction.

  2. I have a background in architecture, deisgn, Emerging Technologies, and User Experience Design. I wanted to take this class to grow my skills in Web Development and UX deisgn.

  3. I have experience in HTML, CSS, and JS through past classes taken in the engineering school as well as through internships and UX side projects.

  4. I hope to learn more about responsive design and animations through CSS and JavaScript.

  5. I expect designing for screens to be differant from designing for paper by making a designer have to think about the many differant forms of viewing, examples being device or screen size.

  6. Netflix (After logging in) I think this website is effective in its design because of it ease of use, minimalism, its methods of categorization. Netflix is centered on tv and movie entertainment and becasue of this the decision to make the movie and tv graphics the center and focus of the site was very effective decision in terms of design layout.

  7. New York Times Known for being a communication oulet you would hope they would have a website that would be effective in its communication statagies. The New York Times website exemplifies effective communitication by drawing users attention directly to their written stories, which is the main purpose a viwer would want to visit their site. They do this through not using distracting graphics, having a consistant type style, and by having the most recent news articles as the first things they see when opening the site. They also use heirarchy as a tool to communicate more "important" or breaking news over other articles.

  8. US Debt Clock The entire website is in real time. I think this website works well because of the sole reason that it handles so much data being feed to it with, what seems like, ease.